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    Antifoams are used in a wide variety of foaming systems and in very small concentrations, usually only a few parts per million. Foam can cause major inconvenience in industry, resulting in damage to goods, overflow of vessels, loss of valuable products and reduced plant efficiency.

    SILAF03 is a specially formulated product that it used for various applications in different industries. Foaming is a property that demands immediate solution in order to achieve high productivity. Nature of foam differs depending on the industry involved. However, it always occurs as a concentrated dispersion of air or gas bubbles in a liquid medium which is stabilized by impurities, i.e. fine solid suspensions, surfactants, proteins, starches, etc.

    SILAF03 is a versatile product that combines stability with excellent defoaming action. Silicone defoamers are generally preferred for better stability and more lasting defoaming power in very small concentrations.

    SILAF03 is extremely cost effective, as it is designed to work efficiently and economically.

  • Appearance : Milky white emulsion
  • Solubility : Easily miscible in water
  • Viscosity @ 25°C : 500 Cstk
  • Solid content % : 20
  • Defoaming Activity(secs) : Max.15
  • Specific gravity @ 25°C : 1.0
  • pH : 7.0
  • Stability : Passes

  • *These values are not intended for preparing specifications. Specification writers may please contact OTCPL before writing specifications on these products.


  • Easy dispersion in aqueous systems
  • Superior foam control
  • Excellent stability at high temperatures
  • Excellent efficiency at broad pH range
  • Chemically inert, non-toxic
  • Economical, as it works at low ppm’s
  • Performs efficiently at low concentration